Founded in 2020, GUI Esports is an Esports team, arena, and tournament/event promoter that is dedicated to bringing the spectator experience of traditional sports to Esports. Our goal is to bring eSport Tournaments and leagues out of the virtual space and into neighborhoods near you. GUI Esports prefers face to face interaction with players, teams, and fans. To make the game time experience better for the fan’s, GUI Esports will conduct regular training and overview sessions of all games prior to tournaments and start of leagues. This will educate the fans that are not as experienced in the games. GUI Esports will also have a competitive Esports Team for different games. These teams will participate in various Tournaments and Leagues and compete for prizes.

Leadership Team

Kevin Fowlkes

Cofounder | President & CEO


Shane Cannon

Owner | CFO


Reid Lindsey

Cofounder | CTO