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GUI Esports Club Teams Forming Now!

GUI Esports is a member of the North America Esports League (NAEL). GUI Esports Club teams compete in Fortnite, Rocket League, Valorant, and Overwatch. Click on link below and submit form. A GUI Esports Team member will contact you. Registration ends September 9th.

Esports Club Team!

NAEL Silver Fortnite Champions!

Congratulations to GUI Esports Fortnite Team GUI Goofys for winning the North America Esports League Silver Fortnite Championship and GUI Goodguys for coming in 2nd place.

NAEL Standings!

Coming Soon! GUI Esports Arena

GUI Esports Arena opening September 2022! Follow us on social media for updates. As we move to the new location GUI Esports Game Center will be closed.

GUI Esports Arena!